Three Must-Visit Wine Festivals in New Jersey

Like most people, Amir Landsman enjoys food and wine in the comfort of his own home, but one of the best ways to experience such treats is with a wine festival. These carefully planned events are organized to feature fine wines and delectable treats, offering guests a range of tasting experiences to tantalize their taste buds. Fortunately, New Jersey is a great destination for such refinement. If a wine festival sounds intriguing, there are many options to consider. Start by learning about the three following popular events.

1. The Winter Wine Festival. Although the weather outside may be cold in February, the atmosphere is warm and inviting at the Winter Wine Festival. Hosted at the Hilton Short Hills Hotel, the Winter Wine Festival is an evening of music, food and wine. The wine list features over 150 options, all carefully chosen by the revered Wine Library. This lets all guests try their favorites while also ensuring that everyone has the chance to experience a new taste. In addition to the wine, there will also be an array of succulent food available with hors d’oeuvres, pasta, cheese, breads and more. Specialty food vendors will be on hand with a fresh selection of nuts, pate, chocolate and more. The night includes two wine classes for exclusive tasting, and cool jazz music will be performed live to create the perfect atmosphere.

2. Montclair Food and Wine Festival. Wine tasting appeals to high-end culture, which is why the Montclair Food and Wine Festival is such a smart choice. Hosted at the Montclair Art Museum, the Montclair Food and Wine Festival takes advantage of the artistic background, giving guests access to all the galleries and both floors of the museum. While the atmosphere is already unparalleled, the wine is provided by Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, ensuring that the selection is diverse and tasteful. There will also be food provided by a number of the best restaurants and vendors from across the state. The festival also includes multiple classes, which vary from year to year. Some options have included making pasta, cooking with clams and more. Dates will vary, but the Montclair Food and Wine Festival is usually a spring event.

3. Wine and Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend. For a decadent experience, the Wine and Chocolate Wine Trail Weekend is the perfect destination. This event is hosted during multiple weekends in February, giving guests different chances to participate. While wine trails are not uncommon, adding chocolate into the mix certainly makes the experience that much more memorable. The trail is put together by the Garden State Wine Growers Association and features various wineries throughout the state. Different trails are available by region, giving everyone the chance to participate without traveling too far. The event lasts from noon until 5 p.m., and guests are sure to taste a full array of wines and an impressive assortment of chocolates.

Other wine festivals are available throughout the year, but these three options are a great start for wine lovers in New Jersey.