The Mission of SHARE Africa

As a financial contributor to SHARE Africa, Amir Landsman is helping Kenyan residents to improve their lives with increased educational opportunities, support for small business ventures and direct intervention for orphans in the Nyanza Province. This area of Kenya is critically underserved by medical facilities due to its remote location near Lake Victoria. The Society for Hospital and Resources Exchange Inc., commonly referred to as SHARE Africa, offers training for medical personnel in this impoverished area of Kenya and provides resources to help residents start their own small businesses.

Nyanza Province has one of the highest rates of AIDS and HIV-positive patients in all of Africa. These individuals have put a tremendous strain on available medical resources in the area and often fail to receive appropriate treatment. SHARE Africa funded and oversaw the construction of a dispensary and clinic in Nyanza Province to serve these patients and provide them with potentially life-saving treatments. The clinic will also provide medical help for other residents.

SHARE Africa also constructs clean water systems to provide fresh drinking water for hospitals. Because clean water is in short supply in Africa, these efforts can greatly improve the quality of life for individuals in Nyanza Province. The organization also provides schools and villages with materials to build pit latrines for improved sanitary conditions and better health. By providing financial support to SHARE Africa, Amir Landsman helps ensure a brighter future for residents in Nyanza Province, Kenya.