Paddle Tennis a Fun Alternative to Tennis

For Amir Landsman, the Nyack Field Club is a favored recreational destination with numerous activities designed to promote fitness and health. Paddle tennis is one of the most popular activities at the club and is a fun and exciting alternative to standard tennis competitions. Landsman enjoys the fast pace of the game and regularly participates in team play.

 Paddle tennis was first invented by Frank Peer Beal in 1915. An Episcopal minister, Beal created the game as a recreational activity for the children in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. Courts for paddle tennis are of the same size and configuration as those used in tennis; however, the ball and rackets used differ significantly. Tennis balls are inflated to a higher pressure and bounce higher than paddle tennis models. Additionally, the paddle used lacks strings and is constructed of solid wood or composite materials covered by graphite. This allows greater velocity and creates greater emphasis on play close to the net, increasing the speed and intensity of gameplay.

During a paddle tennis match, the surrounding fences and walls can be used to create rebound effects and are part of the overall gameplay strategy. Players must serve underhand and may not take a second serve; matches are composed of five sets. For dedicated tennis aficionados like Amir Landsman, the rapid-fire gameplay and net-centric play style of paddle tennis provide a welcome alternative to the more elegant and strategic gameplay of the standard tennis competition at the Nyack Field Club.