Good Food on the Go: Five Tricks to Find the Best New Jersey Food Trucks

Food trucks have not always enjoyed the best reputation. In the past, these trucks offered a quick but often bland meal at a fair price. Today, however, food trucks are taking things to the next level. Food trucks are not just about quick food but good food. In fact, New Jersey is rapidly attracting some of the best chefs on the road in the entire New England area. With this growing number of options, there has never been a better time to start considering a stop in the street for your next snack.

However, the best food trucks are rarely stationary for long. These trucks often travel from one spot to the next to reach as many consumers as possible. So it can be tricky to find the best trucks when your stomach is starting to rumble. To enjoy the best food trucks in New Jersey, do a little advanced planning before seeking out your meal. To make the most of your meal time, use these five handy tips.

1. The right time. Food trucks plan their routes carefully in order to maximize their selling potential. Because of their unique capabilities, food trucks will not have structured hours of operation. It is difficult to know exactly when they will be open, which can make meal planning that much harder. However, it is possible to make some logical assumptions about the hours of operation. Food trucks are going to be most active starting just before the lunch hour. They are likely to be found over the course of lunch, but they may also be open in the afternoon and through dinner. In fact, some food trucks may even operate through the evening hours for night owls. This is especially true on Fridays and weekends, when more people are up late and want a quick bite to eat.

2. The right city. Time is only one factor. You may be ready to eat, but you still may not have much luck finding a food truck to indulge your taste buds. The problem is that food trucks, while mobile, can only go so far. Most food trucks stay in larger cities where there is increased foot traffic to support higher sales. In New Jersey, this means towns like Newark and Hoboken are most popular with these types of vendors. However, Jersey City and Montclair are also common sites for food trucks. While these cities are your best bets for a food truck, growing demand has enticed vendors start to branch out, which means more cities are seeing these trucks on the food scene. Progress has been slow but steady, but it is still a good idea to research the city before planning a meal on the go.

3. The right location. Knowing the best cities is only part of the battle. Within any given city, there are countless locations where a food truck might be present. In order to maximize your potential of finding one, think carefully about the popular areas in town. Food trucks are often going to be in downtown areas, where there is plenty of shopping, business and other foot traffic. These trucks rely heavily on passing pedestrians, so they will plan their stops accordingly. Major parks are also quite popular since these locales provide suitable parking space for these trucks to operate. Food trucks may also group themselves. While having other trucks in close proximity does increase the competition, it also attracts more customers, which can be a positive for all trucks in operation.

4. The right communication. Because food trucks are mobile, most of them do not have standard operating procedures. This means that the food trucks may not have a website or other traditional advertising methods. After all, food trucks are not in the same place and do not have standard hours of operation, which can make advertising especially difficult. However, food trucks are still finding ways of connecting with customers. The key is for interested customers to know where to look. One of the best ways to stay in contact with the best food trucks is social media. In New Jersey, a growing number of truck vendors utilize Twitter to let customers know where they are. This type of communication is perfectly paired with the food truck industry. It is concise and allows for instant updates, alerting customers as to their location during any given day. While it may be impossible to plan ahead for food trucks, Twitter communication can alert you when the truck is in the right area, ensuring that you do not miss out on your perfect meal to go.

5. The right tastes. Food trucks offer a wide range of food. If you want a juicy burger, there are food trucks that make them to order. If you crave hearty Greek fare, there are vendors that can serve up a gyro on the go. There are options for Chinese, Italian, fried chicken, sandwiches and more. No matter what your tastes may be, there is undoubtedly a food truck to fit the bill. In fact, food trucks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with more options for cooked-to-order meals. To enjoy a food truck, be sure to stay open to the possibilities and try something new the next time you come across a vendor.

With a food truck, it is possible to get good food in less time than it takes to order at a restaurant. Whether it is your daily lunch or a special snack, food trucks are a great choice in New Jersey. Use these five tips to find your next meal.