Five Reasons to Check Out the Firefly Music Festival

For the ultimate concert experience in the greater New Jersey area, the Firefly Music Festival is a must for Amir Landsman. This four-day musical extravaganza takes place in Dover, Delaware, and it attracts popular bands of all styles and genres. If you have not attended the Firefly Music Festival before, here are five compelling reasons you should attend it this coming summer.

1. Good music. The primary attraction at any music festival is always the music. In this, the Firefly Music Festival does not disappoint. The festival attracts dozens of big names in the industry. In fact, the 2014 roster is already filled with groups like Foo Fighters, Outkast and the Lumineers. The Firefly Music Festival not only attracts big names, but it also provides a spotlight for upcoming talent in its Treehouse Sessions. These sessions are designed to be more intimate, letting guests get to know the artists for a greater musical connection.

2. Good venue. The music may be the first attribute but it is certainly not the last. The Firefly Music Festival continues to attract big names because it has a great venue for music. The festival takes place at the Woodlands of Dover International Speedway. This vast space is 154 acres, including open areas and wooded sections. This fits multiple stages, which vary in terms of size. Some stages are larger for the premier acts while others are smaller for more intimate performances. There are even performances in the Thicket, which is a stage in the woods that creates a truly unique experience.

3. Good food. The Firefly Music Festival spans four days, so it is essential to have good food available. Again, the Firefly Music Festival certainly gets it right. The festival has dramatically improved its eating venue in recent years, ensuring that there is truly something for everyone. Guests can find dining options suited for a wide range of specific dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian options. There are also plenty of drinking choices, with alcohol served on site.

4. Good deeds. Music is good for the soul, but with the Firefly Music Festival, it is also good for the community. The Firefly Music Festival is produced by Red Frog Events, which has a strong affiliation with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through this partnership, Red Frog Events has raised $8.5 million for children fighting cancer. The company hopes to raise $25 million for St. Jude, and the Firefly Music Festival is part of that good work.

5. Good experience. Ultimately, the festival is simply a good experience. Many attendees choose multi-day passes, which allows people to come and go as desired. More than that, there are camping facilities available, which can make the festival a four-day getaway. Other amazing experiences include a coffee house, restful hammocks, a fun-filled arcade and so much more.

The Firefly Music Festival is much more than a good concert. It is an amazing musical experience that you will want to come back to year after year.